Wines & Territory

It is known that the wines of Piedmont are considered among the best of the world’s oenology and in this section we would like to dedicate particular attention to those wines considered as real flagships, the aces in the hole, that over the years have made this territory famous and renowned in the world thanks to the spread and prestigious reputation of the 44 DOC and 18 DOCG labels, warrantors of success and quality.

The wines that mostly represent the Italian or the foreign traditions are reflections of the territories where they are produced. The areas we will concentrate on are those of Langhe, Roero, in the Province of Cuneo, the area around Asti and Alessandria (known as Alto and Basso Monferrato) and the Canavese area, in the province of Turin.

The meticulous grape selection, together with particular attention given to the tasks made between the rows in the vineyards, carefully following the procedural guidelines, make each harvest a collection of poems that are ready to be told and sung to wine lovers all over the world. And if a book has to be written, the title can only be: “This is Piedmont, nothing to add”.

Denominazioni Piemonte

Main Denominations of Piedmont:

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC
Verduno Pelaverga
Alta Langa

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