Events Calendar 2017-18


November 7th: Barolo & Friends Event in Helsinki (Finland) 
November 8th: Barolo & Friends Event in Tallinn (Estonia)
November 9th: BtoB with a group of buyers in Zurich (Switzerland)
November 16th-21st: 2 corporate events in Zurich (Switzerland)
November 13th: Piemonte & Slow Wine in Tokyo (Japan) 
November 16th: Piemonte & Slow Wine in Singapore
November 20th: Piemonte & Slow Wine in Beijing (China) 
November 28th/December 1st: Educational Tour for a group of Scandinavian journalists 


February 6th: Barolo & Friends Event in Berlin (Germany) 
February 7th: Barolo & Friends Event in Hamburg (Germany) 
February 12th: Barolo & Friends Event in Oslo (Norway)
February 13th: Barolo & Friends Event in Trondheim (Norway)
February 14th: Barolo & Friends Event in Bergen (Norway)
Date to be determined: Incoming of trade operators from UE countries in Piedmont

MARCH 2018

February 27th – March 7th: Piemonte & Slow Wine in USA
March 7th: Promotional event in Stockholm (Sweden) (*)
March 8th:
 Barolo & Friends Event in Göteborg (Sweden) (*)
Date to be determined: Barolo&Brunello the Italian Kings in Munich (Germany) (*)
Date to be determined: Barolo & Friends Event in Antwerp (Belgium) (*)
Date to be determined: Barolo & Friends Event in London (United Kingdom) (*)

APRIL 2018

April 25th-30th: Arvins in Montreux (Switzerland) 
Data da definire: Promotional event in Russia (*)
Data da definire: My Name is Barbera in Amsterdam (Netherlands) (*)
Date to be determined: Seoul International Wines & Spirits Expo (South Korea) (*)

MAY 2018

Date to be determined: Promotional event in Canada (*)
Date to be determined: Barolo & Friends Event in Lucerne (Switzerland) (*)
Date to be determined: Barolo & Friends Event a Zurich (Switzerland) (*)

JUNE 2018

June 8th-9th: Barolo & Friends Event in Copenhagen (Denmark)
June 29th: Barolo & Friends Event a Basel (Switzerland) (*)


(*) date to be confirmed
(**) event to be confirmed