The Consortium “i Vini del Piemonte” adopts a food garden in Africa with Slow Food

An “ethic lottery” will be organized together with events to promote Piedmontese wines abroad in order to support the 10,000 Food Gardens in Africa project and help in the realization of a food garden on the African Continent.

Always committed to enhancing the quality of wine and food production, appreciating artisan work and preservation of the territory, the Consortium “i Vini del Piemonte” will support the initiative 10,000 Food Gardens in Africa – the most important Slow Food international project – with an “ethic lottery” that will be featured in the next editions of the Barolo & Friends Event, the leading event of the Consortium, which every year visits the main European cities to promote not only the wine, but the entire Piedmontese food and wine sector, thanks to a lucky format based on the coalition between wine, food and tourism.

The Consortium intends to capitalize on its strong presence, acquired in the most important European markets through a great number of events, which, in the last few years, have won over wine lovers all around Europe, to launch the initiative “Ethic Lottery: Adopt a Food Garden in Africa”. The focal point of the project will be a contest offering the opportunity to win holidays in Piedmont, various food and wine products, Slow Food publications and free tickets to Salone del Gusto, the Torino taste fair. The aim of the project is to support Slow Food’s ambitious aim to form a network of leaders aware of the value of their land and culture, and help them to become active protagonists in the transformation and future of this promising continent.

The project was started in 2010 when, during Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, the first 1,000 food gardens were launched. Realized over the following three years, the 1,000 food gardens have been created in schools, cities and in the outskirts of 26 different countries on the African continent. Today, Slow Food restarts with an even greater challenge: multiplying the effort already put in by ten in order to arrive at the full 10,000 food gardens in Africa.

The first 1,000 food gardens have enhanced the networks of farmers, agronomists, students and cooks, suggesting the street as a means to a sustainable future that takes care of the needs of the local community. In fact, the food gardens are different from one another: the national Slow Food coordinators have proposed solutions which differ according to the different environments, from Moroccan oases to the dry lands of Mali, from the plateaus of Kenya to the forests in Uganda, helping local development models that did not start from external models but that could originate from the history and the characteristics of the continent itself, by placing the people at the centre, thus becoming active actors and protagonists of actions and projects.

The consortium “i Vini del Piemonte”, whose strengths lie truly in the territory and the producers that live and work there, has decided to take part in this challenge, to contribute in a project that is absolutely in line with its philosophy. The “Ethic Lottery: Adopt a Food Garden in Africa” will be launched during the Barolo & Friends Event that will take place on 8th May 2014 in Zurich and will be presented again on 26th May In Geneva and on 6th and 7th June in  Copenhagen: the tickets will be put up for sale during the sessions open to the public and a part of the revenue will be given to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity to finance the realization of a food garden in Africa which, symbolically, will be named after the consortium.

Confiding in the success of this initiative, the consortium “i Vini del Piemonte”  also hopes to renew the cooperation with Slow Food in the following month and to continue supporting the 10,000 Food Gardens in Africa project, by contributing in raising awareness to the greatest number of people on essential topics such as food subsistence and environmental sustainability.